About our Therapies

Natural and non-invasive, here are some of the self-healing therapies I use to help you on the road to better health.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy looks for health within the body and encourages self-healing. It’s hands-on yet so gentle and profound, suitable for all ages – from new born infants to the elderly. It’s based on simple and deep observations of how nature heals – practical ways to orient the natural forces that organise our form and function, as well as ways to support the priorities of their healing intentions.

Vibrational therapy

This is an energy therapy that can be hands-on or hands-off so ideal for clients who become anxious through touch. It follows the anatomy and physiology of your body, mind and spirit to help us understand the causes of a condition or disease. Vibrational therapy is practiced in a mindful way and can include guided meditation to help with balance.

Life coaching

Old habits and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us can be limiting, preventing us from being the way we really want to be. I help you examine your beliefs then deconstruct and re-evaluate the ones holding you back. This is about the way you see things – by examining your perception of the present, you can choose to change your future.

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